termite solutions in melbourne

Top 5 Termite Solutions in Melbourne

Top 5 Termite Solutions in Melbourne


Pest control is a valuable and important service, but it can also cost a lot. There are ways, of course, to minimize such costs by doing so on your own. Today we at Home Safe will be sharing 5 secret ways that you can treat your home for termites if you’re in Melbourne. Termite solutions in Melbourne can be pricey and other companies are willing to charge the hefty price. But why do that, when you can take care of your home yourself and then take Home Safe’s affordable prices for other issues? After all Termite solutions in Melbourne is no joke. So here are 5 secrets for Termite solutions in Melbourne:

Pesticide Treatment

Among methods of Termite Treatment, pesticides ranks as one of the top ways of making sure these invaders do not leave your domain alive. While there are other treatment methods out there, pesticides have always been a tried and tested way of making sure the termites realize that you mean business and stay away from your home. The pesticide is sprayed directly upon any infested parts of the home, like the wood or the floor. Holes can be drilled into the infested parts of your home, preferably by professionals. These holes are then filled with pesticide and sealed completely, trapping the termites and then killing them shortly after! Simple and effective.

Soil Treatments

Termites mostly are present in the ground, traveling from location to location in search of sustenance. Soil treatment is one of the most useful methods for their complete and utter eradication. Pesticides must be used on the part of the ground where you are confident of the presence of the termite nests.

Areas in your home where you assume termites can enter from through the soil should also be treated with pesticides as well, preventing the termites from not only breeding within your soil in the gardens but also entering your home in any situation. This will also go a long way in preventing foundation damages especially after you’ve found a way to locate the termites.

Bait Treatments

Should the aforementioned methods fail and the pesticides be unable to eliminate the presence of termites from your home, the next best possible course of action is bait treatment. Locate the presence of termites in your home, and then set up bait stations where you know they are. Treat the bait with termite killing chemicals.

The termites should eat the bait and then die to poisoning from the termite killing chemicals within it. Using baits around colonies of termites will allow you to eradicate their nests in bulk. Prominent bait ingredients include but are not limited to the following: hexaflumuron, chlorofluazuron, trioxide, noviflumuron and many more. All these ingredients are excellent at the destruction of termites.

Temperature/Electronic Sensitive Treatments in Termite Solutions in Melbourne

Most pests are very sensitive to temperature. A drastic change in temperature will kill them right away without much effort. Once they are exterminated, you can use your vacuum to get rid of them. If the termites have infested any of your furniture, you can use extremely hot or cold temperatures to kill them.

The use of electronic and microwave conduct can also kill the termites in your dry wood furniture or small wooden fixtures. The only drawback to this technique is that it is not long-lasting. You have to frequently check for their return and re-infestation.

Liquid Termite Treatments

This is the most common termite treatment method since it can be used effectively, even for small spaces. First, for large-scale protection, liquid termite treatment agents are used to create an invisible barrier between the structure and the ground. Termites that come in contact with the liquid barrier will perish, and after a certain time, a new barrier is made.

For spot treatments, holes are drilled in strategic places where termite infestation is suspected. Liquid agents are then injected into these holes, making the termites come out of the hiding space and then exterminated. It is the same treatment mentioned earlier with pesticides. Liquid termite treatments are recommended both for houses under construction and houses that are lived in.

Fumigation Method

If the termite infestation in your home is very severe, then you should consider fumigation services. This involves enclosing your house in a tented structure, using a true gas to reach every area of your structure, and exterminating the termites and their colonies. Fumigation services can get expensive and time-consuming but can provide you with effective results. If you are concerned about your safety with regard to using toxic fumigants, you can consider the alternative of non-fumigation methods.

There are, of course, other methods to make sure that your home is secure from the termites that seek to invade it.

If all else fails, however, there is hope. You need not fight the infestations of pests alone. We, at Home Safe, have what it takes to give you the proper safety from such creatures. Should you require further assistance from pest controls and the methods mentioned above are not enough to prevent the invasion of termites into your abode, look no further. Come to our website, or even call us. We at Home Safe provide excellent support for all your pest control needs. We are the leading pest control service in Melbourne. Home Safe will also provide you proper extermination, and termite solutions in Melbourne is just one of the many different services we have at our disposal.

Your home is sacred. Let these creatures begone. Pests do not belong in your home. Keep your surroundings safe. Let us at Home Safe provide you with proper protection. Let us guard your home from these creatures. With Home Safe Pest Control at your side, you shall not fail.

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