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Did you know that the majority of Australian house insurance plans exclude coverage for termite damage? Make sure there are no termites in your home to prevent having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately for you, our highly skilled professionals are aware of the warning signals of a termite infestation. Even if you’ve got the case of nasty wasps, Home Pest Control offers wasps treatment services to manage that too.

Which makes us, Home Pest Control, the trusted name in Victoria, Australia amongst residents who need a thorough and professional termite inspection conducted on their home. Termite pest control Melbourne


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You will be given a variety of termite treatment, termite control and termite management choices after utilising one of our on-site termite inspections and assessments by one of our knowledgeable Technical Advisors.

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Birds can spread disease, including deadly ones like SARS, and infections like Salmonella, a serious case of food poisoning.

Rodent Control

We can offer solutions that work if you have a problem with wildlife, including small rodents and large animals. Contact us for 


Perfect for deeper targeted cleaning as well as routine disinfection of surfaces, pathways, entry and exit points, desks.