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Their house is not your house. Home Pest Control Services has the knowledge and experience to rid your house and property of any unwanted wildlife. The skilled eye and thorough examinations of our professionals can spot rats, mice, bush rodents, birds, bedbugs, rabbits, foxes, beetles, fleas, moths and other wild animals. We can offer solutions that work if you have a problem with wildlife, including small rodents and large animals.

Although they don’t like to swim, common house mice and rats are adept climbers, jumpers, and swimmers. Their capacity for adaptation and resource utilisation is the reason they are so successful. They frequently reside in urban settings, creating nests out of shredded debris or digging small, shallow burrows in the earth. Ant control services are also included in this.

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We offer same-day service for rodent and ant control detection and prevention and we have skilled personnel to accomplish that.


Urban Bird

Birds can spread disease, including deadly ones like SARS, and infections like Salmonella, a serious case of food poisoning.


Perfect for deeper targeted cleaning as well as routine disinfection of surfaces, pathways, entry and exit points, desks.

Termite Control

If termites have been found, preventative measures are taken after remedial treatment. look at our service for Termite Control