How to get rid of rats in walls?

How to get rid of rats in walls?

How to get rid of rats in walls?


Rats and humans have had a complex relationship with each other from time immemorial. While rats are known for their uses in the scientific fields, outside of science, Rats are well known pests. Rats in walls have been unwanted guests within sewers, subways, homes and office buildings among many other places. And humans are the worse off for it. Rats are creatures that carry diseases, and can be capricious at best and blatantly aggressive at worst. The creatures are a menace to society when they are not a contribution to science and that has led to the question of what to be done about them.

After all, rats are hardy, resilient creatures, chewing through practically anything and everything that their strong incisors can find, from when they’re 23 days old. The rat’s incisors grow forever, meaning that rats will continue to chew. This breeds destruction with walls, cables and insulation being the victim of the rat’s crimes against humanity.

Their destructive tendencies notwithstanding, rats instinctually seek out homes due to the amount of direct access they have to food, water and shelter along with the ability to hide from most of their usual predators (with cats being the only notable exception).

This means that the rats can, and will, get into your walls. The disturbing scurrying through your bedroom walls that you’re liable to hear as you’re trying to sleep? It’s a rats in wall. And it’s made its nest in your wall. So, what do you do when the rats come for your home? How do you make sure your home doesn’t turn into a harbor for pests that can carry any disease?



As mentioned before, rats have incisors that grow fairly long and throughout most of their lives, and therefore are very well known known for their abilities to chew through walls, floors, insulation, wires, piping, and almost everything else found in your home. If it is an obstacle, odds are, rats have the capability to chew through it, which in turn means that rats can inflict significant damage to your home. Electrical wires that have been exposed through chewing, for example, can cause fires, and thus place your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your family in grave danger.

Your home is not the only place unsafe from rats. These creatures have also caused hefty damage to small businesses in urban areas, and can even cause certain businesses to go bankrupt, especially if the business is food related. Granaries and farms have a tough time dealing with rat infestations. Indeed, many farms in Asian countries, for example, have a place for snake nests to take care of rats. However, that can come with its own, rather obvious problems.

As a result of their ability to cause damage, there has been a lot of effort to figure out how to get rid of rats and make sure they do not come back. And while snakes can be helpful, there are far less dangerous methods to figure out how to remove a rat from your walls that they can, as mentioned before, chew through.



To start getting rid of rats in walls, you must first figure out if there are rats in your walls to begin with. There are several telltale signs that you may have an infestation of rats in walls. Holes are your first sign.

Any hole that is larger than your palm counts as a sign you may have a rat infestation. These holes will often lead to food or water sources the rats are accessing, including the pantry, cupboards, or the skirting next to the floor by pet dishes. Likely places these holes are to be found include but are not limited to the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

Rats, like every other creature, excretes waste. Look for rat droppings, smell for urine odors, and listen for scampering noises. All of these are signals that point to the presence of rats in your house. Rat droppings are bigger than mice droppings, and a large quantity of them point to having more than one rat in the house. A rat’s nest will require more serious methods of tackling the problem.


Now that you know that rats live in your walls, how do you force them out? Here are some methods:

Prevent Access

It is, first and foremost, important to take stock of all access points within your home. The reason for this is to prevent access to your home for such rats. Make sure no external holes or entrances are leading into the home. Any and all holes should be patched up posthaste as these access points are likely where the problem started. Once the repair is complete we can move on to other methods should the rat population persist.

Use Bait

Once the entrances and exists are patched, the next step is to set a trap and use bait. Any trap and bait stations should work. However, if even that is unable to protect your home, then it is time to call in the professionals.

If all else fails and you’re at your tether’s end, we at Home Safe, are here for you. We provide quality pest control services, which include getting rid of rats in your walls. Come visit our website to see what we have in store for such creatures.

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