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Eradicating bacteria and germs also means eradicationg the carriers of such pathogens and thus even they need control measures. Luckily for you, Home Pest Control handles that as well as we provide treatments against such pathogen-carriers like Silverfish Control, Cockroach Control,Maggots Control, Spider control and Dead animal removal.

Your action plan to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses should include regular disinfection treatments. By providing a disinfection service that focuses on hard surfaces and inaccessible places where disease may be present, Home Pest Services can clean your home, office, and place of business.

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disinfection control in melbourne – With a special broad spectrum formulation, our disinfectant treatment is the ideal line of defence against disease. specially chosen for its secure and potent composition and track record of performance.

Urban Bird

Birds can spread disease, including deadly ones like SARS, and infections like Salmonella, a serious case of food poisoning.

Rodent Control

We can offer solutions that work if you have a problem with wildlife, including small rodents and large animals.

Termite Control

If termites have been found, preventative measures are taken after remedial treatment.  look at our service for Termite Control